About Staci - Staci Kratz Photography

I’m a photographer based in San Diego, Calif. During the day I work for a large company in the AR Department working with numbers all day. After work each day I look forward to heading to the coast to see what I can capture next.

I specialize in sunsets. Have you ever seen a sunset so beautiful but didn’t know how to capture its elegance? All of the colors just swirl together making a sight so captivating. In my mind, no sunset is the same. They are all different in their own way. An evening at the beach shooting the sunset is the best way to clear my mind and relax after a long day. Between the beauty of a sunset, the smell of the ocean, the sand and the sound of the waves...how can it get any better than that?

I don’t just photograph sunsets. (You didn’t think sunsets were all I photographed did you?) I also shoot families, animals and sports or anything else that captures my attention. How can you not stop and take a picture of a squirrel eating a pretzel or your child making their first goal in soccer?

My love for photography started at a young age. As a teenager, I was the one taking all the photos on family vacations. I am completely self-taught. I love the challenge of learning new things along the way. One of those challenges is my grandson. He never ceases to amaze me, much like the sunsets I capture. I love every moment of it. I want my children and grandson to have the best memories possible in photos for their future. Of course they are probably so tired of seeing my camera

When I’m not taking photos I love spending time with my family and longtime high school friends. I enjoy going to 70’s, 80’s and country concerts, going to plays and musicals and going to the mountains. My all-time favorite place to go is Disneyland. After all, we’re all kids at heart.

There is rarely a moment where I’m not thinking in my mind, “How can I capture that and be unique?” I’m always looking at the sky determining what kind of day or evening it will be for catching a better shot than the time before. I want to show everyone what I see. I enjoy sharing the beauty I see through my eyes and through my lens with everyone else.